Corpus Christi Auto Auction staffs a team of full-time, licensed mechanics to best accommodate your service needs.

Our state-of-the-art mechanic shop is equipped to handle a wide range of repairs, from fixing oil leaks to knocking out dings and dents. Contact our automotive specialists to schedule your service today.

This may seem obvious, but if your car has to be pushed on stage instead of driven, it will most likely fetch less at auction. A car that runs properly and has less damage means less investment after purchase, which means bidders will be willing to spend more on it. Investing a small amount into some simple repairs can pay back in a big way when it comes time to sell. We recommend bringing your vehicle to our automotive repair experts to make sure everything is tuned up and running properly. 

A vehicle that looks great can be just as important as a vehicle that runs great. Customers will see the exterior before they see the engine run, and it’s hard to change a first impression if your vehicle has noticeable damage. Dings, dents, hail damage, leaking oil: these are all big money losers on the auction stage, and fixing them will ensure a much higher final bid. Our advanced mechanic shop is a great first step if your vehicle needs a little TLC before going up for sale.


Labor Rate = $65.00/Hr

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