Corpus Christi Auto Auction provides complete vehicle detailing services. Very reasonable detailing prices are available to all of our partners, dealer, or fleet. Call (361) 767-4100 for more information. 

At Corpus Christi Auto Auction, we offer full-service vehicle detailing to get your vehicle looking top-notch before it goes up for auction. This is a very simple step that can really increase the bids on your vehicle. From simple rinses to full detailing, our expert detailers will make your vehicle look its best.

Why You Should Detail Before Selling

A car that looks well-taken care of will fetch more at auction; it’s as simple as that. Bring your vehicle in covered in dust, no wax, crumbs all over the seats, and buyers will start to wonder how well you took care of the engine. There is no option to test-drive a vehicle at auction, so the only information a potential buyer will get about your vehicle is what’s on the sheet and what’s on the stage. Our team will have your vehicle clean and gleaming, ready to bring in top-dollar at auction.


Rinse = $15

Wash = $20

Wash and vac = $30

Detail = $80

Interior Only = $45